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We improve people’s ability in the workplace – by expanding thinking and skillsets – to make both the student or professional and sponsoring organization more successful. Our passion for making a difference is embedded in every course we teach.
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Maintain and expand your career in market sectors including: Aerospace, Medical, Heavy Construction, Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, Pharmaceutical, Electrical Manufacturing, Logistics, Chemical, Agricultural, Defense, Firearms, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Finance, and Human Assets.

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MetaOps instructors are Internationally recognized in their fields and provide services in over 120 countries.

Our expert instructors’ core competencies come from hands on management and technical experience in manufacturing, product development and sales. They bring firsthand knowledge of what it takes to deliver continuous high speed and job shop processes in multi-site plants and business units.

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Classes Taught by Industry Experts

Ron Crabtree

CEO, MetaExperts

Charles Lamb

Founder & CEO, Mill Machinery

Robert Griggs

President, Trinity Products

Nicholas C. Giantsos

Founder & CEO, Nicor Inc.
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