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Internationally Recognized
MetaOps instructors are internationally recognized leaders & teachers providing services in over 120 countries including China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Bahrain, Germany, Hungry, Romania, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Canada, South Africa, Tunisia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

High Level Quality
Our custom designed curriculum has been carefully developed for each topic and is being disseminated to Fortune 100 companies, private equity firms and independent organizations. Our SME’s mentor and train executives, managers, and operators within highly complex, highly regulated industries within critical spaces.

Executive Results
MetaOps leaders collaborate with client executives to develop business plans, corporate strategy, operations strategy and scientifically managemed process improvement projects that deliver highest ROI.

Our Start

In 2002 MetaOps started with a philosophy of “there is no one best way for individuals to learn or achieve excellence” and there are no “silver bullet cures”. We learned that the key to operational success is a complete “tool kit” of best practices and an understanding of which tools are best for a given situation, and then develop skills to effectively act on the desire and vision to execute success.

MetaOps gained its name from the Greek word Meta “above and beyond” and Ops – which stands for the thing’s businesses do to earn their place in the marketplace. The essence of our name is woven into every MetaOps course that we must “Go Above and Beyond” and ensure our students get the results they are looking for from each course we offer.

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