World Class Supplier Development for Small to Mid-Size Manufacturing

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An Executive Overview: The old saw “you are only as good as your worst supplier” holds true for companies of all sizes. However, smaller-sized manufacturing firms cannot afford high-powered purchasing executives and high-flying consulting companies to help with developing their suppliers. This presentation covers some practical suggestions on how small to mid-size businesses can aggressively develop suppliers, in conjunction with their quest to implement Lean/World Class Manufacturing. Interwoven are practical anecdotal stories and exposure to Value Stream Mapping and Pull Systems implementation.

Who should attend:

Business owners, CFOs, CEOs, Presidents, Procurement, Lean champions Materials, and Operations professionals, – people with an interest in learning how to leverage Lean/World Class Manufacturing methodologies, practices and principles in their companies’ quest to develop and maximize their relationships with their suppliers. Suppliers are a critical element in a company’s quest to achieve dominance in their markets. After all, you are “only as good as your worst supplier.” This compelling presentation gives executives and practitioners insights into this subject matter and provides ideas to consider in the years ahead.

About the Presentation:

With the accelerating need for high quality, low cost, and fast turnaround, only those companies with the appropriate “winning supply chain” will prosper. Although the idea of developing World Class Suppliers can seem overwhelming, mastering the ability to successfully develop suppliers is critical.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • How suppliers fit into the Lean/World Class vision.
  • How to include suppliers in Value Stream Mapping activities and make a vision of the future.
  • How to create a comprehensive supplier development strategy.
  • How to develop an implementation action plan that won’t kill you or your suppliers.
  • Suggestions on how to implement pull systems and Kanbans to immediately begin improving communication and flow.
  • Q&A forum.


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