What Every Business Should Know About Marketing (If They Want To Make More Money)

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Executive Overview:

The critical steps to building effective marketing: evaluate, investigate, plan, create, implement and review. This 60 minute interactive seminar is a primmer on the scientific and trackable way to structure your marketing plan.

Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Sales and Marketing professionals who are responsible for the success of marketing communications and are interested in learning more about a structured, scientific approach to marketing.

About The Presentation:

It is a widely held misconception that advertising and marketing is not trackable, leading to wild, uncontrolled spending followed by uncertain results. Fortunately for you, this paradigm is changing. The new way of marketing is a very scientific process that begins with thinking and customer surveys to find out the way your prospect think and what is most important to them. The process ends with review and comparison of the marketing communications success. This approach takes away the guesswork of traditional marketing and creates an opportunity to own the marketing’s success.

Summary Learning Goals:

  • Overview of Inside Reality and Outside Perception.
  • A brief history of how marketing evolved and how the changes affect us today.
  • Discussion of the steps involved in taking your marketing from guesswork to a hard science.
  • Q&A Forum.

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