Value Stream Mapping

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Value Stream Mapping – the What, the Why and the How

An Executive Overview: Information you need to support and drive the implementation of Lean/World Class Manufacturing and Operational Excellence using Value Stream Mapping and Lean Metrics.

Who should attend:

Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, CIOs, Operations and Supply Chain professionals, Lean champions, and Materials Management professionals – people with an interest in learning how to leverage Value Stream Mapping methodologies in their companies’ quest to achieve dominance in their markets through the application of Lean/World Class Manufacturing practices and principles. This compelling presentation gives executives and practitioners practical insights into this subject matter.

About the Presentation:

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) includes many different techniques developed to help companies visualize what happens during the process of adding value in the form of products or services. For our purposes, “value” is intrinsically “what the customer is willing to pay (and wait) for.”

Properly developed Value Stream Maps:

  • Create a vision of the future by uncovering wastes and opportunities to produce flow, and making them visible to all.
  • Enable broad participation in shaping the future.
  • From your customers’ perspective reduce the risk of creating “islands of excellence” with Lean Enterprise concepts without improving the total Value Stream’s capability,
  • Help break down communication barriers.
  • Provide the basis for an implementation road map.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • History and evolution of Value Stream Mapping and Lean Metrics.
  • Considerations in preparing for Value Stream Mapping at your company.
  • The Value Stream Mapping process – a TEAM effort.
  • Business Process Improvement Implementation Planning – Using current/future Value Stream Maps as a guide.
  • Case studies.
  • Q&A forum.

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