The Two Most Important Truths About Business- And How They Can Eliminate Your Competition ( or put you out of business)

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Executive Overview:

Most businesses have one of two problems:

  • Poor Outside Perception – They ave a great product or service, but their prospective customers don’t know they are any different from their competitors.


  • Weak Inside Reality – Their communications with prospects win hem plenty of customers, but their product or service could be more profitable. Aligning these two sides of the business is critical for market dominance. This interactive seminar gives business owners and professionals an entertaining and valuable insight into what challenges will hold companies back from greatness.

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Sales and Marketing professionals, with an interest in learning how to identify what is holding them back from getting their share of the business and what are their Inside Reality or Outside Perception weaknesses in their company.

About the Presentation

There are two components to every business – the Inside Reality and the Outside Perception. The Inside Reality is all the things a business does “inside the four walls” that makes the business valuable to your customers (typically includes speed, quality, cost competitiveness and customer service). The Outside Perception is how the current and prospective customers perceive the company based on their interactions with the company, their competitors, and their industry? (Typically includes marketing communications, voicemail messages, receptionists phone greet-ings, advertisements, etc.)

Businesses that are chosen by their Outside Perception must follow up with a good Inside Reality or the customer will become disappointed and may go elsewhere for their next purchase.Likewise, a potential customer will pass over a business if the Outside Perception is less than adequate. Aligning the Inside Reality with the Outside Perception is critical for market domination.

Summary Learning Goals

  • About the Presentation.
  • Brief overview of Inside Reality and Outside Perception concepts.
  • Demonstration of the Inside Reality and Outside Perception.
  • Interactive presentation for why Inside Reality and Outside Perception is critical.
  • Solution suggestions.
  • Q&A Forum.

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