The Secret To Powerful Messaging That Your Competition Doesn’t Know

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Executive Overview:

How to use messaging structure to gain the target’s attention, get them to read on, build your case in their mind and get them to take action. This interactive seminar gives an eye opening insight into the most effective way to structure all communications with prospects and customers.

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Sales and Marketing professionals who are responsible for getting a response from ads or marketing messages.

About the Presentation

Ninety nine percent of ads and marketing communications we see every day are ineffective. That might sound bold, but with { 3 to 5K } of marketing messages assaulting us everyday; people have become numb to mediocre marketing. It’s critical that any messages you send out have the correct Messaging structure to compete with all the rest of the noise in the market. Use this seminar to learn how to identify poor marketing and receive tools that will help make your messages strong impressions.

Summary Learning Goals

  • Brief overview of noise in the marketplace.
  • Discussion of the structure of a communication piece.
  • Interactive exercise.
  • Q&A Forum.

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