Strategic Planning and the Implementation of Lean/World Class Manufacturing – Should the Dots Connect?

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An Executive Overview: Information you need to gain a better understanding about how Strategic Planning and the Implementation of Lean/World Class Manufacturing can interact. Learn a systematic process to engage a leadership team in creating a vision and a strategic plan – the ideal basis for managing the implementation of Lean/world Class Manufacturing.

Who Should Attend:

Manufacturing and Business professionals with an interest in learning how to use Strategic Planning with the implementation of Lean/World Class Enterprise concepts in their businesses’ quest to achieve dominance in their markets.

About the Presentation:

Strategic Planning is critical for designing a business that clearly articulates a “vision of the future” and engages all stakeholders in achieving that vision. However, there are thousands of companies who don’t use Strategic Planning in a formal manner. At the same time, there are thousands of companies actively attempting to implement Lean/World Class Enterprise (WCE) principles and practicing best practices in place today with new approaches that increase the effectiveness of services and office processes.

In this session, we will briefly cover some of the principles of Lean that have been successfully applied with a case study example of how Value Stream Mapping can be used to quickly assess a situation and jump-start the improvement process with cross functional teams of stakeholders in adopting Lean paradigms in an office environment.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • Brief overview of key Lean principles and how they make a difference in office and service provider situations.
  • An introduction to Value Stream Mapping in office environments.
  • A case study example of Value Stream Mapping and kicking off a supply replenishment process improvement team.
  • Tips and recommendations to start or re-invent the implementation process of major change-for-the-better in your company.
  • Q&A Forum.


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