When Lean Six Sigma Initiatives Lack Results – Time to Search Beyond the Shop Floor


If you experiencing any of these situations, consider Lean Office.


  1. Wastes we find on the shop floor seem to largely originate in the office.
  2. Top heavy in the office and need to balance the workloads better.
  3. Quality and responsiveness in office processes need to improve.
  4. You could benefit from 5S and using Lean techniques in the office – and don’t know how.
  5. Orders are taken and “tossed over the wall” to production hoping they will figure it out and get it out on time, profitability and with the right level of quality.

Should you look in places other than the factory floor, when talking about the application of Lean Six Sigma? The answer is an emphatic “yes.” Why? Operational performance improvements can, and should, start in the office. You need to understand that many wastes in production stem from problems away from the shop. Try the simple “five-why” exercise and ask yourself, and others, “Why?” five times when confronted with a problem. You may discover the biggest opportunities for improvements are right in front of you. Inside the office walls.

Our advice is to keep questioning ¦carefully and critically, how everything you do inside your four walls affects the way you are perceived outside by customers. MetaOps fills your tool kit with a holistic “set” of tools, principles and “ways of thinking,” like solutions to the issues above as listed below.

MetaOps Lean Office Tools

  • MetaOps “Thinking” – Pre-Implementation Assessment and Planning
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Six Sigma fundamentals
  • Team Building and Empowerment
  • Kaizen and creating one-unit flow
  • Lean Six Sigma metrics and measures


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