You Must First Align Your Inside Reality With Your Outside Perception to Dominate Your Market or Possibly Stay in Business.


If you can relate to any of these situations, lean marketing is a good solution.

  1. Your prospects can’t tell on the surface if you are any different or any better or any worse than the competition.
  2. You seem to always compete on price, and you offer so much more than the competition.
  3. Only the salespeople know how to represent the company in the best light (and maybe even they need help).
  4. You have a great product or service but you can’t sell enough to generate the profits you deserve.
  5. You know that people working together in teams can sell and deliver more products or services – but you don’t know how to make it happen.


Lean Six Sigma is a tool to help business achieve great Inside Realities (the value you bring to your customers.) MetaOps Marketing uses Lean Six Sigma tools to develop customer centered communication; which conveys that great Inside Reality to your customers to create a great Outside Perception.

Sadly, most business people fail to understand and align their company’s Outside Perception with its great Inside Reality. Outside Perception consists of all the things your customers and prospective customers believe to be true about your company. These perceptions are built over time and based on your written and verbal communications with your prospects.

Real intimacy with customer needs is a key concept, and lean thinking has a role. Lean gurus talk a lot about customer intimacy, but they really don’t tell you how to achieve it. After all, having a successful Inside Reality (being the fastest source, at a fair price, with the best quality) is not enough to secure success. In fact, many companies do all of these things well, and fail at high levels of profitability because not enough prospects know the great things that company does.

For those with a background in Lean and Six Sigma, think about the MetaOps Marketing approach as a Kaizen in structure, but using a six sigma mindset to identify key variables and collect enough data to improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

Our advice is to keep questioning carefully and critically, how everything you do inside your four walls affects the way you are perceived outside by customers. MetaOps fills your tool kit with a holistic “set” of tools, principles and “ways of thinking,” like solutions to the issues above as listed below.


MetaOps Lean Marketing Tools

  • MetaOps “Thinking” –┬ápre-implementation assessment and planning
  • Customer centered marketing and sales processes
  • Current state and desired future state Analysis
  • Customer Buying Continuum analysis
  • Competitive intelligence related to competitors, benchmarking, understanding the macro environment, and trends
  • Writers Workshop to develop compelling messages and information that aligns the Inside Reality with the Outside Perception
  • Message pre-testing
  • Measurement tools and continuous process improvement

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