Integrate IT and Lean Six Sigma Synergistically to Get the Best of Both.


If you relate to any of these situations, consider Lean IT.

  1. The MRP and Enterprise Resource Planning systems folks can’t be in the same room with operations – without a fight breaking out!
  2. You need to leverage your IT systems with Lean and Six Sigma, but you are not sure where to start.
  3. You want to take Lean and Six Sigma implementation to the next level and need IT support to do it.
  4. You are not sure if electronic management of Pull Systems and Kanban are effective for you today.


First, let’s consider why there is tension and major differences of opinion between the IT group and Lean Six Sigma group. In the quest to “get Lean,” many companies have fallen victim to what we call a loss of corporate consciousness, resulting from manually implemented and supported lean and world class manufacturing methodologies. This can be dire, when companies lose sight of the total dynamics of the business and can’t quickly react to changes in the marketplace. Reuniting Lean and World Class with IT can restore corporate consciousness, and permit the synergistic results made possible by leveraging the best of both approaches.

Our advice is to keep questioning carefully and critically, how everything you do inside your four walls affects the way you are perceived outside by customers. MetaOps keeps your tool kit filled with a holistic “set” of tools, principles and “ways of thinking,” like solutions to the issues above as listed below.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • Use a value analysis process to understand the true impact that speedier information flow promises
  • Arm teams with forward looking and predicative information
  • Reduce error rates and increase collaboration with virtual visual work
  • Map current and desired future state IT processes
  • Identify key value adding support features for IT applications
  • Identify value add and non-value add activities in the content or IT
  • Use IT to rapidly simulate reality and use this to support teams
  • Use IT to rapidly model changing scenarios to permit rapid re-balancing of workloads
  • Feed order information directly to the value add operations to collapse response times

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