Lean Accounting Can Make a Substantial Impact on Your Process Improvement Initiative.

If you relate to any of these issues, consider lean accounting.

Do you.

  • Spend time and energy on accounting that is not yielding the right information to drive Lean Six Sigma and other improvement initiatives?
  • Measure the wrong things and wonder why Lean is not “paying off”?
  • Try to provide measures of success, but the right accounting information isn’t being collected?
  • Find your cost accounting system is expensive and gives questionable results; and you are not sure why you are doing it?
  • Drive inappropriate behaviors with your accounting systems?

Accounting, as a functional discipline, is one of the most potent cultural forces that drive behaviors in our business. However, traditional accounting situations can get in the way of a company becoming Lean. Think about how things have changed in just the last two years in operations and in the marketplace.

The good news about accounting still is – what gets measured gets done. The bad news is traditional accounting is, fundamentally, still done the same as it was 100 years ago.

Our advice is to keep questioning carefully and critically, how everything you do inside your four walls, affects the way you and your performance are perceived on the outside by your customers. MetaOps fills your tool kit with a holistic set of tools, principles and ways of thinking, like solutions to the issues above as listed below.

MetaOps Lean Accounting Tools

  • MetaOps “Thinking” – Pre-Implementation Assessment and Planning
  • Value Stream Mapping to identify the right things to measure
  • Activity Based and Through-put Accounting (Theory of Constraints) approaches
  • Kaizen as an approach to reduce the NEED for traditional product costing approaches
  • Creating flow based costing techniques
  • Challenging conventional accounting wisdom – What exactly, is the VALUE ADD that’s generated in accounting?
  • Finding the hidden costs of inventory through micro-mapping of activity costs

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