People Transform Businesses – Not Methodologies Alone

The MetaOps transformation process engages your people to make the rapid, sustainable cultural changes required to dominate your market.

MetaOps Process is a logical and continuous process that begins with the necessary vision and “thinking”. The six phase process transforms any type of business toward market dominance.


  1. The Thinking and Vision Process – Assessment and development of a vision.
  2. Alignment – Craft a more pragmatic plan for the vision; an action plan.
  3. Opportunities Quantified – Perform financial/business analysis inside and out.
  4. Selection – Identify root causes and choose tools for change
  5. Plan and Implementation – Assign resources and plan to track success.
  6. Risk Management – Manage the soft side; identify and correct cultural issues.


To understand how the process was used in six different industries that all are moving toward or maintaining a position of dominance click here for a printable process overview.  Or click case studies for in depth descriptions of a MetaOps – Transformation Process.

The Tool Kit provides a comprehensive list of tools we use to meet the needs of both manufacturing and service organizations.  Click Specialty Applications for MetaOps transformation area of expertise.

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