Avoid Risks and Barriers to Successful Lean Six Sigma Implementations, First Understand:

  1. Dynamics of people working together in teams.
  2. Key elements to planning and implementing major change in an organization.
  3. Empowerment sounds easy – actually doing it is extremely difficult, as those who have tried find over and over again.
  4. Change is hard; change in an organization is even harder.

Overcoming barriers to building effective teams that really work requires a focused urgency for change. On the surface this seems pretty straightforward, as well documented bottom-line benefits have been made famous by authors and thinkers like Jim Womack. So what’s the big deal?

Remember Lean is 80 to 90 percent people and 10 to 20 percent tools and techniques. Achieving success is not intuitive, therefore many forces that can prevent success. Who would argue against preserving jobs, increasing stakeholder value and achieving a dominate market position? Wanting to do the right thing is not the problem. Overcoming natural human resistance to change, leadership turnover, lack of urgency, is the problem.

Our advice is to keep questioning …carefully and critically, how everything you do inside your four walls affects the way you are perceived outside by customers MetaOps will fill your tool kit with a holistic “set” of tools, principles and “ways of thinking,” like solutions to the issues above…as listed below.

MetaOps Lean Organizational Development Tools

  • MetaOps “Thinking” – Pre-Implementation Assessment and Planning
  • Organizational development tool kit
  • Team building and empowerment
  • 360º review processes
  • Workforce development
  • Instructional design
  • Performance development and appraisal systems

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