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MetaExperts your Experts on Demand

We have over 1,000 transformation management experts on call who can manage, facilitate or provide specific skills to make your business machine leaner, meaner, cleaner and more profitable.


1 MetaExpert is Better Than 3 Off-brand Contractors Staffers

One MetaExperts is Better Than 3 Off-brand Contract Staffers — Pervasive every MetaExpertsTM-trained expert, are qualities that can only be obtained through rigorous operational excellence training and experience. MetaExpertsTM are bigger, better, faster, stronger because they:

  • Strive for perfection
  • Are stringently disciplined
  • Provide data-driven approaches to and deliverof solutions
  • Implement measurement-based strategies not groupthink-based actions
  • Are change management experts, meaning they know how to artfully, skillfully, precisely implement every phase and step of every process improvement action
  • Are information management wizards, eliminating information overload and transforming key information into progressive, effective action, processes and systems
  • Are relentlessly customer focused
  • Talk and walk systematic implementation  – no wasted actions or reactions
  • Don’t reinvent, they re-engineer – don’t replace, but improve
  • Practice DMAIC religiously: define, measure, analyze, improve, control
  • Integrate DMADV in everything they do: define, measure, analyze, design, verify
  • Transfer their knowledge eagerly and effectively for in-house sustainability
  • Are on-call indefinitely to ensure that improvements further develop and flourish
  • Live and breathe TOTAL QUALITY management


A Continuum of Staffing Support

A Continuum of Staffing Support — MetaExperts provides a continuum of staffing support top talent spreading best-practice skills from A to Z and everything in between through our 100% customizable, three-option structure:

BASIC: Supplemental staff with specific skills to work under client direction; client (not MetaOps, Inc.) directs all program activities.

INTERMEDIATE: Mid- to highly-skilled consultants receive ongoing direction from client and quality insurance and agreed-upon program direction assistance from MetaOps, Inc.


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