Sample Areas of Expertise

MetaExpertsTM plug readily and effectively into the most complex projects in the following industries. Don’t see your industry here? No worries! We’ll find who you need for the most unique and challenging situations in any industry, worldwide.


Who you are

  • An organization with a burning desire to be the best at what you do by leveraging people who cultivate “Operational Excellence”
  • The ‘owner’ of your organizations’ process improvement team; a savvy practitioner in putting the right talent on the right project;



Why do 55% of innovations come from small business not big business?

MetaExperts Micro: Suffering from the Innovation Gap; or “why do 55% of innovations come from small business not big business?” Big business innovation fails by:

  • Not creating a culture that supports innovation
  • Not getting buy-in and ownership from business unit managers
  • Not having a widely understood, system-wide process
  • Not allocating resources to the process
  • Not tying projects to company strategy
  • Not spending enough time and energy on the fuzzy front-end
  • Not building sufficient diversity into the process
  • Not developing criteria and metrics in advance
  • Not training and coaching innovation teams
  • Not having an idea management system

MetaExpertsTM: Our experts remove the “Not” and bridge the innovation gap for you.


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