Leveraging Lean Techniques in Aerospace & Defense, Complex Manufacturing and Job Shops – A Primer

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An Executive Overview: Information practitioners need to drive the implementation of World Class Manufacturing and Lean methodologies in Complex Manufacturing and Job Shops.

Who Should Attend:

Business owners, CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, Lean, Six Sigma & Operational Excellence Champions, and Materials/Operations professionals, – people with an interest in learning how to leverage Lean/World Class Manufacturing methodologies, practices and principles in their Complex Manufacturing and/or Job Shop operations. This compelling presentation gives executives and practitioners insights into this subject matter and provides ideas to consider in the years ahead.

About the Presentation:

We hear all the time that, “Lean does not work in Defense Manufacturing, Job Shops or in Complex Manufacturing – it’s only good for repetitive production – like automotive”. Having worked extensively with companies in all of these categories, we beg to differ. This compelling, interactive presentation and exercises give insights into this complex subject matter and provide ideas and concepts to apply in your business immediately.

In this workshop, we will briefly cover the history, differences, and similarities organizational business structures across the Value Stream and trading partners. For Value Stream partners to survive, they must respond quickly to queries for goods and services. Trading partners who do not aggressively expand their capabilities to achieve a world-class level of Lean Supply Chain Integration will soon be rusty relics of days gone by…Mastering Lean Supply Chain Execution (LSCE) strategies is essential.


Summary Learning Objectives:

  • Supply Chain & Supply Chain Management (SCM): defined
  • SCM Elements, World Class/Lean Mfg., Value Stream Mapping, and IT
  • Desired attributes of IT applications that support Lean Supply Chain Management
  • A group exercise continuum – “Rate Your Lean Supply Chain Management”
  • Building the business case for change and investment in Lean learning and technologies
  • IT solution selection suggestions and resources
  • Selection guidelines, resources Q&A

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