Leveraging IT in the Deployment of Lean in Complex Manufacturing and Job Shops

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An Executive Overview: Information practitioners need to drive the integration of Lean and Information Technology integration in Complex Mfg. and Job Shops.

Who Should Attend:

Business owners, CEO, Presidents, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, Lean and Operational Excellence champions, and materials/operations professionals, – those people with an interest in learning how to leverage Lean/World Class Manufacturing methodologies, practices and principles with their Information Technology infrastructures in their Complex Manufacturing and/or Job Shop operations.

About the Presentation:

An emerging body of knowledge is offered in this presentation to help professionals understand how to better leverage the best Lean and IT tools to help drive complex manufacturing and job shop businesses to a dominant position in their markets. This compelling, interactive workshop gives insights into this complex subject matter and provides ideas and concepts to apply in your business immediately and in the years ahead.

In this three-hour session, we will briefly cover the differences, and similarities between traditional management approaches using IT-based tools versus ‘lean’ approaches to run production and supply chain operations in complex manufacturing and job shops. This program includes two interactive, hands-on activities; a continuum evaluation and a simulation exercise that will help participants understand the application of these concepts through an expeix Sigma approaches that have been seeing increasing application and acceptance in American businesses over the last 5 years. LSS is an advanced application of Six Sigma and Lean in different and innovative ways. In this program we will explore what is going well, what has been disappointing, and the things that leading companies are examining in their quest to extend the application of Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma. Included is a hands-on exercise to help internalize the concepts learned.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • A brief history of the evolution of the application of Lean and Six Sigma in the last 10 years.
  • The need for balance and a holistic, forward thinking application of Six Sigma and other improvement methodologies.
  • Examples of advanced applications and innovations.
  • Considerations in preparing for the implementation of advanced Lean Six Sigma –¬†are you ready?
  • Q&A Forum.

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