Lean Thinking Companies: Don’t Throw Away Your Computers Just Yet

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An Executive Overview:  Traditional IT (ERP) versus Lean Manufacturing; the Technology Applications needed to support the Lean Manufacturing Environment.

Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, CFO, CIO, CEO, Presidents, Operations and Supply Chain professionals, Lean champions, and materials management professionals. Those with an interest in learning how to leverage IT functionality in their companies’ quest to achieve dominance in their markets through the application of Lean/World Class Manufacturing practices and principles. This compelling presentation gives executives and practitioners insights into this complex subject matter and provides ideas to consider as they plan their companies future.

About the Presentation:

Many people think of Lean Manufacturing and the use of Information Technology together as an oxymoron. Lean/Flow purists would have us believe we don’t need our traditional ERP systems – that people can do it all with manual tools. While this is true with many powerful parts of World Class Manufacturing and Lean, there are many aspects of Lean-enabling IT technologies that should be considered by a business embarking on the Lean journey.

We will briefly cover the history and differences between traditional IT approaches (ERP, for example) and aspects of Lean Thinking. Subsequently, we will explore opportunities to synergistically apply IT tools.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • Brief overview of ERP and Flow/Lean/Synchronous concepts.
  • Discussion of the “Loss of Corporate Consciousness” phenomena.
  • Desired attributes of Lean IT Enablers to support Flow/Lean companies.
  • “Deep-dive” into certain key elements of Lean where IT Lean Enablers can play a vital role.
  • A group exercise continuum – “Rate Your Lean IT Support Needs”.
  • Building the business case for using IT tools in the Lean environment.
  • IT solution selection suggestions and resources.
  • Q&A forum.

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