Lean Six Sigma Implementation – The Risks and Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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(offered in a one-our executive summary or an interactive 2-1/2 hour workshop)

Executive Overview:

Over the last 20 years thousands of businesses around the world have been jumping on the “Lean” and “Six Sigma” bandwagons separately. Lately many businesses have come to the correct conclusion that both Lean and Six Sigma should be applied together. That’s the good news. The bad news is very few succeed in achieving the level of performance improvement we read about in the books. Why?  Because they seldom understand the what, the why, and the how of the implementation process. The fact is this: without proper understanding the cards are stacked against success. This presentation presents insights and suggests actionable countermeasures to achieve the full potential Lean Six Sigma offers.

This interactive workshop offers a rare opportunity to align your team with insights to apply immediately – no matter where you are in the process of Lean Six Sigma. Pros and beginners alike will benefit from this program.

Who Should Attend:

Teams of professionals who want to lead their companies to dominance in their markets through leading exceptional organizational transformation. Business owners, CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents of Operations, Quality, Manufacturing, and all other Quality, Operations, Lean Six Sigma Champions and others with a burning desire to make a difference in leading sustainable change-for-the-better in their organizations.

About the Program:

This highly interactive workshop explores several key aspects of successful lean implementation efforts, the obstacles to a successful implementation, and more importantly, the countermeasures for sustainable improvements. In this 2½ hour workshop, participants will be involved in an interactive experience, combining lecture and group exercises that are designed to personalize the concepts and arm the participants with insights to make an immediate difference. Some of the key elements and learning objectives include:

  • Initial implementation planning, setting goals, picking the right metrics
  • Kicking-off the Lean Six Sigma implementation process: leadership development, training and the “first steps”
  • Enablers and roadblocks in key Lean Six Sigma tools, including 5S, Value Stream/Process Mapping, teamwork and empowerment, Kaizen/Six Sigma Projects, and leveraging other Six Sigma tools synergistically with Lean Enterprise approaches
  • How to set up an effective project management methodology

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