Lean Office and Office Value Stream Mapping Case Studies

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An Executive Overview: Lessons learned in the insurance provider industry successfully adopting Lean while embracing change in your organization.

Who Should Attend:

Business owners, CEOs, COOs, Presidents, CFO, Lean/Six Sigma Champions, Accounting, Materials, Procurement, Quality and Engineering professionals – anyone with an interest in learning how to leverage Lean methodologies, practices and principles in office and services environments.

About the Presentation:

In recent years professionals have been looking for ways to apply the lessons learned from industry in the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma in non-traditional settings – albeit not without many false starts. Learn some of the practical considerations in integrati, CTO, Presidents and Quality/Operations VPs/Directors. Those with an interest in learning how to apply Lean Six Sigma concepts and principles in their companies’ quest to compete globally and to achieve dominance in their markets.

About the presentation:

Lean Six Sigma is the fusion of Lean and Six Sigma approaches that have until now been considered separate and sometimes mutually exclusive process improvement methodologies. In this one-day program we will explore the what, why and how in applying the concepts successfully in any type of business. Included are a series of hands-on exercises and a simulation to internalize the concepts learned.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • A brief history of the evolution of Lean Six definitions for this presentation
  • What to consider in preparing for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma
  • Q&A Forum

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