Lean and World Class Manufacturing – Basic and Advanced Applications Every Participant Should Know

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An Executive Overview: Information operations and materials management practitioners need to support and drive the implementation of World Class Manufacturing and Lean methodologies.

Who Should Attend:

CFO, CIO, CEO, Presidents, Operations and Supply Chain professionals, Lean champions, and Materials/Operations professionals – those people with an interest in learning how to leverage Lean/World Class Manufacturing methodologies, practices and principles in their companies’ quest to achieve dominance in their markets. This compelling presentation gives executives and practitioners insights into this subject matter and provides ideas to consider in the years ahead.

About the Presentation:

This compelling presentation gives people with no experience with Lean/World Class Manufacturing insights into this complex subject matter. Practical suggestions are offered on how to support (from an operations and materials management perspective) World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and Lean implementation involvement.



Lean –

lean production : A philosophy of production that emphasizes the minimization of the amount of all the resources (including time) used in the various activities of the enterprise. It involves identifying and eliminating non-value-adding activities in design, production, supply chain management, and dealing with the customers. Lean producers employ teams of multi-skilled workers at all levels of the organization and use highly flexible, increasingly automated machines to produce volumes of products in potentially enormous variety. It contains a set of principles and practices to reduce cost through the relentless removal of waste and through the simplification of all manufacturing and support processes. Syn: lean, lean manufacturing



Six Sigma –

A methodology that furnishes tools for the improvement of business processes. The intent is to decrease process variation and improve product quality.