Introduction to Pull Systems

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An Executive Overview: Pull Systems, History, Current Applications, and the Future.

Who should attend:

Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, CIOs, Operations and Supply Chain professionals, Lean champions, and Materials Management professionals – people with an interest in learning how to leverage Pull System (Kanban) methodologies in their companies’ quest to achieve dominance in their markets through the application of Lean/World Class Manufacturing practices and principles. This compelling presentation gives executives and practitioners insights into this subject matter and provides ideas to consider in the years ahead.

About the Presentation:

Pull Systems have been made famous as part of the Toyota Production System and popular books like Lean Thinking by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones. We will briefly cover the history, differences, and similarities between traditional inventory management approaches and the use of Pull Systems. In addition, we will explore opportunities to synergistically apply IT tools to tap into the power of Pull Systems.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • History, definition, and evolution of Pull Systems.
  • Considerations before implementing Pull Systems.
  • Implementation Planning – What, Why, Where.
  • Basic Pull System calculations.
  • Samples and practical applications of Pull System implementations.
  • Kanbans and Kanban Cards – advanced application and extensions.
  • The Future: Electronic Pull Systems – implications and barriers.
  • Pull Systems continuum and conclusion.
  • Q&A forum.

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