Even Cold Prospects Need To Be Treated Warmly

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Executive Overview: Nurture marking: the applications and benefits that will support a well articulated marketing message. This 30 minute seminar covers the importance of targeting your communication messages and gives valuable insight into which messages are appropriate when for your nurture marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend:

CEO, Presidents, business owners, sales and marketing professionals with an interest in learning how to grow leads into prospects to dominate their market.

About The Presentation: We all go through the same decision-making process whether we are buying a new home or groceries. Your prospect also goes through a number of stages before finally making a purchase. Most marketing concentrates on the last stage of the buying process┬ábut by using that tactic you’ll miss out on many potential prospects. Nurture marketing allows a business to say the right thing to the prospect at the right time and help them along the buying continuum. By nurturing and growing your leads, when prospects finally become ready to buy, they will seek you out.

Summary Learning Goals:

  • Brief overview of the Nurture Marketing Concept With Handout
  • Interactive presentation on defining the message
  • Solution Suggestions and Free Resources

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