Connecting the Dots Between the Camps. . . A Holistic View of a Common Sense Approach to Business Excellence Practices

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An Executive Overview: As leaders and managers, we are bombarded with a plethora of ‘programs’ the gurus promise will transform our businesses. Lean! Six Sigma! Theory of Constraints! Demand Flow Technology! The Learning Organization! Activity Based Costing! – And many others all clamor to ‘be the one’ that will fix all your problems. Learn a systematic method to engage your leadership team in a thoughtful process that examines the various ‘best practices’ available to choose for transforming your business.

Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Manufacturing and Business Professionals with an interest in learning how to assess their business and the available strategies to use in their quest to achieve and maintain dominance in their markets.

About the Presentation:

All too often we get caught up in the idea that ‘this latest thing’ will be the silver bullet that will put our company on the map. In this compelling presentation, we will review key elements that make for a successful process to strategically determine how to “connect the dots” of the best practices for your business.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • A brief history of the evolution of ‘business excellence’ methodologies and programs including Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, Demand Flow and others – definitions for this presentation.
  • A brief discussion about what is the same – and different – between the many ‘camps’ of business excellence approaches.
  • A group exercise – “The Common Sense Tools Continuum” – rate the need for business excellence tools in your company.
  • Tips for preparing your team for the strategic assessment process – of your needs and your options.
  • Q&A Forum.

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