Competing Globally with Lean Six Sigma

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Executive Overview:

One-Day Seminar: Understanding Lean Six Sigma – the elements, applications and keys to success in competing globally.

Who should attend:

Manufacturing, Quality, and Business professionals at all levels, CFO, CIO, CEOses that can respond quickly to queries for goods and services will flourish. Companies that fail to aggressively expand their capabilities or look at Supply Chain integration will be part of the manufacturing carnage.

Mastering Supply Chain Execution (SCE) strategies is essential.

Summary Learning Objectives:

  • Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management: defined.
  • Lean/World Class Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping, Information Technology, and Supply Chain Management – Inseparable elements, questions of culture, and the drive to market dominance.
  • Desired attributes of IT applications that support Supply Chain Management.
  • A group exercise continuum – “Rate Your Supply Chain Management”.
  • Building the business case for expanded Supply Chain Management Focus, and Supporting IT Applications Investments.
  • IT solution selection, suggestions and resources.
  • Q&A forum

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