Our Values

MetaOps is known for delivering results throughout an organization and changing the way people think and act which improves employee morale and ultimately company profitability and sustainable longevity.

Service to our customers is the underlying message in everything we do. This is more than good customer service, it about delighting our customers. We live by four guiding values:

1. Results Driven

Above all else results are the measurement of our success. We must leave our customers in a better place than when they first met us. We have no silver bullet; we are not just a simple one-dimensional solution. We must identify and teach the right compilation of best practices tools used in business to achieve excellence for any industry.

2. Customized Solutions

The goal is always to transfer knowledge to our clients so they become the experts and we work ourselves out of a job on each project contracted. Everything MetaOps does is tailored to the special situations and culture of each organization. This is exemplified by our presentation style; we use customer industry jargon and modify our approach to fit the unique culture of the organization.

3. People Focused

MetaOps really shines because our approach recognizes that suco a far more effective application of elegant studies of the causes of process variation and identification of the vital few factors that need to be controlled or changed to make quantum leap improvements. In this way you can reap the best of both by careful application of the right tool to fix the problem.

Remember: If the only tool in your bag is a hammer, all your problems start to look like a nail. It is best to fill your toolkit with a holistic set of tools, principles, and ways of thinking. The rest is up to you.

Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CIRM, is a director-at- large for the Greater Detroit Chapter of APICS and president of MetaOps, a consulting firm that aligns inside realities with outside perceptions. He may be contacted at (248) 568-6484 or rcrabtree@metaops.com.

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